RPM Orchestra - "afterglow" CD

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limited edition CD release - 18 tracks, 61 minutes. "With its new CD, 'afterglow', RPM Orchestra engages us to listen more closely and think more deeply about all that hits our ears. The album is filled with compelling aural collages forged from decaying found recordings, various incidental noises, and purposeful dronings. The pieces are spliced from a disparate range of sources – a single composition might feature bursts of Sousa from the turn of the 20th century, electronic pulses, and snippets of vintage vocal ramblings. Instead of a collection of sprawling and jumbled experimentations, 'afterglow' is an awakening to the latent vibrancy all around us." - Phoenix New Times // "This music exists in a high state of deconstruction, and for some this will push the boundaries of what they accept as music. For me, this kind of boundary pushing music is absolutely necessary. This is the fulfillment of the vision of Charles Ives, American music passed through a psychedelic kaleidoscope of possibilities." - Paul Paradis, allmusicblog (Bali) // "one man orchestra sourced in "field recordings, lost & found sound, old phonographs" on this haunting disc divided into three sections entitled Balance, Movement and Flight, containing six, seven and five brief tracks respectively and each accompanied by an intriguing prose poem (imagine a science textbook written by Robbe-Grillet and cut up by Bill Burroughs) whose relationship to the music is as elusive and tangential as the music itself. Petrisko's sound sources are refreshingly diverse, ranging from archive recordings of political speeches ("life in mumbly muddle") to scratchy old jazz 78s ("linear with intent", "porchlight flickers") and even church services ("tongues bend like bows"), but they're more often than not tucked away under a thick duvet of rumbles and drones, or lightly sprinkled with shortwave signals and distant machine clanks and hisses. At times it's rough and distorted ("circus dusk"), at times outstandingly beautiful ("fields of gavotte" is an irresistible montage of baroque music, cawing crows, whinnying horses and music boxes), but it's all well worth spending time with." - Paris Transatlantic Magazine